Ionic/TypeScript Starter Project

An example project illustrating how to use TypeScript in harmony with Ionic and Angular for mobile development.

More than just a simple "hello world," this starter project shows how to structure an application using strongly-typed classes for your controllers (includes a BaseController and BaseDialogController), strongly-typed view models, and strongly-typed services, all while taking advantage of dependency injection. A dialog and logging framework are also included.

I've used this project to bootstrap several applications, and it allows for very rapid development.

There are two versions available: the first is platform/IDE agnostic, and the second is built for Visual Studio 2015. Both are available via the Ionic Marketplace or on GitHub under the MIT license:

I recommend using the platform agnostic version along with the free and lightweight Visual Studio Code IDE, which has excellent support for TypeScript.

Documentation is available on the starter project's website:

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