Super Mario Bros. Pinball Mods

Manufactured by Gotlieb and released in April of 1992, this pinball version of Mario was pretty unique for its time. I have fond memories of first discovering this game in a Chuck E Cheese entertainment center; it was the first time I had ever heard Mario as a fully voiced video game character. Many people wouldn't experience this until Super Mario 64 was released on the Nintendo 64 some 4 years later.

The music, sound, artwork, and stunning lightshow brought Mario's world to life in a way I had never seen before and it made a big impression on me. So much so that many years later, once I had gotten further into the arcade hobby, I knew I would one day own my own table.

I was lucky enough to find one for sale last year and I jumped at the opportunity. While many seasoned pinball players will dismiss the table as too easy, I'm still having a ton of fun with it.

In this video I just wanted to share some of the modifications I've made to my table. I've included links below the video to all the mods I installed just in case there is a certain one you'd like to check out.



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